Alternative methods of fat injection

Today, people use methods to remove wrinkles and strengthen different parts of the face, one of which is fat injection. Some people cannot use this method for various reasons. But these people need not worry because there are other ways to replace fat injection. These methods are equally effective in injecting fat and helping to rejuvenate the skin.

Can anyone do fat injection?

Fat injection is usually used for all people with different problems in different areas of the face. In fact, it is a safe and reliable method. Fat injection can be used to smooth wrinkles caused by many events, accentuate lips and cheeks, and create facial symmetry.

In some cases, the specialist must perform the fat grafting operation using anesthesia. But some people cannot do this procedure due to illness or some kind of complication. Also, some people cannot use this method due to the fear of anesthesia. For this reason, they prefer to use other methods that have similar results.

If the client’s body fat is insufficient according to the doctor’s diagnosis, she cannot perform the fat injection procedure. Although it is possible to remove any fat from a person’s body, it may not be beneficial for the person’s overall health. For this reason, in such a situation, the doctor tries to use other solutions, which we will discuss further.

It is safe to say that most people can benefit from fat injection and its benefits, especially those who have wrinkles or loss of volume in certain areas of the face. These people can solve their skin problem by using the fat grafting method and express their satisfaction and hope for the positive results they get.

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What are the alternative methods of fat injection?

First of all, you should know that the alternative methods of fat injection are not the same as fat injection, fat tissue does not cause any special complications or symptoms in addition to the benefits it has for the body. Adapting to Plus, having a very high stem cell count can rejuvenate your skin and make it look fresher.

gel injection

To introduce the alternative method of fat grafting, we start with the gel injection method. This method, similar to fat injection, is used to reduce wrinkles and increase volume in some areas of the face. This method does not require anesthesia and anesthesia is used.

Another advantage of this method is the very short recovery period, which makes it attractive. It is easy to inject gel and filler. This substance consists of hyaluronic acid and is a very reliable substance without major side effects for the body. The gel stays in the body for an average of 6-8 months, after which the injection can be repeated.

thread lift

Another alternative to fat injection is the thread lift method, which is considered one of the new and professional methods. In this method, the specialist doctor places special threads in very small holes created in the desired area, and these threads are absorbed by the skin after some time. This method has similar results to fat injection.


Another method that is used as an alternative to fat injection is prosthesis, which has gained many fans, including in our beloved Iran. This surgery usually has permanent results and is also used to increase volume in different areas of the body. In terms of application, prosthetics provide exactly the same results as fat grafting.

Although it may not have the flexibility and other good properties of adipose tissue, having the right shape and size required for implantation is considered an advantage of the prosthesis. People can benefit from using the introduced methods if the conditions are ready. It can be said that these methods give acceptable results and will lead people to their goals before fat injection.

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last word

People differ in some factors to perform these methods, and for fat injection or any other method, they should keep some points in mind and then proceed to do it. Because otherwise, they may not get the right result from fat injection or alternative methods of this process.

To choose the right method, you can ask an expert in this field to choose the right method for you, including fat injection or any method that gives you better results. Because the expert doctor has more experience and skill than others, he can guide people to choose the right method.

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