Many women have pimples, wounds, acne, etc. on their face, which they don’t want to show in some situations such as parties or special events, so they use various methods to cover them, one of which is It is camouflage. This method is a technique for covering boils, wounds, acne, etc. Some people mistakenly use a lot of powder cream or pancakes to cover their facial imperfections, which are not recommended at all because if you use a lot of powder cream, it will make your face look tired and lumpy and your face It shows a bad color.


What is camouflage?

Camouflage is one of the makeup methods that is used to cover facial imperfections and is used as a foundation that makes makeup and makeup last, and its combination is compact, that’s why it is used to cover facial imperfections. Another feature of it is that it is used for people who have tattoos on their face or body, and the use of this product requires high precision and delicacy.

How to use camouflage

To use this method, first we take some of it and put it on the back of our hand so that it softens with the body temperature, and then we take some of it using a brush and hit it on the desired points. And then we spread the camouflage on our face using a sponge that we had moistened before, so that it is placed on the desired points with one hand.

In the next step, we use the powder cream, which we apply the powder cream all over the face, and after that we use the fix powder.

Pay attention to the fact that you should not apply camouflage under your eyelids at all, because it has a heavy texture and causes friction on the skin.


Introduction of suitable colors for every skin

White camouflage color:

It is used for underlining the shadows and brightening the skin.


Olive camouflage is used for acne scars and scars.


It is used to fill facial hollows and show fullness.


It is used to fill the depression of the eyes and dark circles around the eyes.

Peach beige:

This color is the most used and is used for colorless and moonlight skin.

Orange beige:

The use of this color is for thin skin.


This color tone is used for those who are interested in dark and tanned skin and to angle the face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you use authentic brands, there will be no complications.

Permanent camouflage is used to cover all kinds of blemishes, pimples and dark spots and to lighten the skin.

This method is a new Brazilian technique and it originates from Korea.

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