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Ear piercing or pressing is one of the fashion trends. Ear piercing never goes out of fashion and in recent years people have more than one piercing in each ear. Today, in addition to women, men also want to pierce the ear, experts advise that it is dangerous to pierce the earlobe, the best place to pierce the soft ear.

Kayak Beauty Clinic provides ear piercing or ear pressing services under the supervision of a specialist doctor and at the lowest cost. If you want to use this service, contact Rozo at the end of the application form.

سوراخ کردن گوش

Complications of ear piercing

  1. Allergic reaction
  2. skin problem
  3. infection
  4. Blood diseases

Children's ear piercing

Most families, when they have a girl child, think about piercing their baby’s ears after a while. We advise you to pierce your children’s ears when they ask for it, and our other advice is to avoid it in the summer because they are more at risk.

When your child is young, he does not understand the beauty of earrings and only thinks that you are doing it to hurt him. For this reason, fear and anxiety occur for your child. Before doing this, parents should inform their child that this is done very quickly and that it does not hurt and will heal quickly.

The soft part of the ear is the lower part of the ear. In the old days, girls’ ears were pierced at a young age and this was done with thread and needle. Before piercing your ear or your child’s ear, pay attention to the sterility of the tools and equipment. .

Because there is a possibility of hepatitis, AIDS, and tetanus. When you want to pierce your ears or your children, go to a reputable place that is less dangerous.

Some people have diabetes or use corticosteroids or those whose blood does not coagulate easily, the possibility of bleeding is high.

سوراخ کردن گوش کودکان

Care after piercing

  1. Rub the earring with alcohol and turn it
  2. Use ointment A or tetracycline.
  3. Try not to get water in your ears for a week.
  4. After 6 weeks, you can change the guashwah.
  5. The earrings you want to use, try to be sexual so as not to cause sensitivity

The cost of ear piercing

The cost of ear piercing, along with pressing, starts from 100 thousand tomans and depends on the type of pressing you have, the cost of which is different.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there will be some pain, but not so much that you need anesthesia.

The place you want to consider for your ear piercing should have a clean place with good lighting and use hypoallergenic jewelry.

The right time to do this is from 2 years old, because you can easily explain to your child that she should not open the earring and that it is not edible. Those who pierce their children’s ears under 6 months should be aware that if their children’s ears get infected, they will recover with difficulty and hospitalization. But in children who are 2 years old, it improves with the use of antibiotics.

In order for your child to feel less pain, before piercing, apply numbing ointment on the ear and wait a little and then pierce the ear and after piercing the ear put ice on it to reduce the pain.

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