Facial mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy is one of the most important and popular services of any beauty clinic today. Kayak Beauty Clinic is also one of the facial mesotherapy centers in Tehran. At the Kayak beauty center, facial mesotherapy is performed by a specialist and experienced doctor using the latest devices and new world technologies on the face of customers. If you do not know the advantages and disadvantages and the use of these services as well as the cost, this article is suitable for you. Stay with us.

مزوتراپی صورت

What is facial mesotherapy?

Facial mesotherapy was introduced in 1952 by a French doctor named Michel Pistor, and at that time mesotherapy was used as a treatment method to relieve pain. The word mesotherapy is derived from the word mesoderm, which mesoderm is a layer of the skin that is injected into this layer. This method is a therapeutic technique in which they use the injection of enzymes, vitamins, plant extracts and hormones to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate fat and tighten it. Mesotherapy is one of the fastest treatment techniques, the effect of which you can see after the first session, and this process will remain on your face for six to twelve months.

Application of facial mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has various uses, for example, we mention a few of its uses:

  • Removing dark spots from the skin
  • Help to treat alopecia
  • Removing wrinkles
  • Cellulite reduction
مزوتراپی صورت

Benefits of facial mesotherapy

There are several advantages of this technique that we mention below:

  1. Increase the glow of the facial skin
  2. Keeping the skin hydrated
  3. Meeting the different needs of the skin
  4. Injecting a large amount of vitamins and nutrients into the skin
  5. Removing the boil and treating it

Complications of facial mesotherapy

  • Allergic reaction or sensitivity
  • Cause inflammation and bruising
  • Scars on the face

In general, this technique does not have many complications, and depending on the type of skin on your face, surface problems may occur for your skin.

The cost of facial mesotherapy

You may be asked how much is the cost of mesotherapy? The cost of this service is determined according to the problem of the person, and the cost of mesotherapy is not the same for all people. For an accurate estimate of the cost, you must first be consulted and visited by the doctor, then the number of sessions and the price of these services will be determined. Also, Kayak beauty collection offers special offers for its services on seasonal and historical occasions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some people believe that Botox and mesotherapy of the skin are similar to each other and do the same type of work, while this perception is not true, because mesotherapy for wrinkles and skin rejuvenation and Botox Prevents wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles.

  • Extracts of plants
  • Hormones such as calcitonin and thyroxine
  • Vasodilators and antibiotics

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