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Our hair is damaged due to various factors such as coloring or ironing, which is one of the ways to revive and repair damaged hair with hair vitamins. In Kayak beauty center, this service is performed by an expert and experienced doctor using the latest world technologies on the hair of customers.

Some people are not familiar with hair vitamins or have little information. In this section, we have provided explanations about this service and explained its advantages and benefits. Stay with us.

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What is hair vitaminization?

Hair vitaminization is done by nourishing hair masks and strengthening creams. For specialized hair vitaminization, we suggest you to do it by a professional beauty clinic. Some people do this at home too. They do this by using ready-made products or even homemade hair masks.

What are the benefits of vitaminizing hair?

When you vitaminize your hair, you deliver the vitamins needed by the hair to the hair bulb, which also revives the hair. When you vitaminize your hair, you can give your hair a better condition, and hair vitaminization will make your hair clearer and softer. In hair vitaminization, the main goal is to get the nutrients to the hair cuticle.

What nutrients does hair vitamin contain?

In traditional methods, they suggest using herbal shampoos and special soaps. But keep in mind that hair is fed by blood vessels and the lack of necessary vitamins (Vitamins A, C, E, B7, B12) It will weaken it. This technique is one of the methods that can deliver the desired vitamins to the blood vessels to regenerate the hair. .

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Hair botox is used both for revitalization and repair and for straightening your hair, but while vitaminizing hair, it delivers the necessary vitamins to your hair and makes your hair straight.

At first, home methods seem ineffective, but over time, you will feel the difference, and home methods are much better than chemical methods.

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