Important tips for having beautiful skin

In order to have beautiful and young skin, it is not enough to simply follow the basics of skin care, and you need basic and very basic principles so that you can have clear, young and beautiful skin. In fact, the application of these important recommendations to have beautiful skin should be started from a young age and does not only include application after the appearance of skin complications.

Note that in order to have beautiful skin, people must first identify the cause of their skin problems and seek to resolve that cause, and in addition, prevent other complications with basic skin care. Some of the most important tips for achieving ideal skin include:


Peeling and cleansing the skin

This principle is especially useful for women who use a lot of cosmetics on their skin during the day because the skin has pores that can cause many complications if these pores are closed, so people should clean their skin regularly and cleanse regularly. Put your skin on your agenda.

Appropriate diet

Having a healthy diet that is free of fast food and fatty foods is very useful because these foods cause premature aging of the skin. Also, people should make it their agenda to use foods that contain zinc, iron, and various vitamins, especially C, E, and B, because these foods rejuvenate and keep the skin healthy and give people beautiful skin.


enough sleep

Every person needs 8 hours of sleep in 24 hours. If a person does not have enough sleep, he will get tired and this fatigue manifests itself in the form of skin complications. Therefore, for your ideal skin, you must have enough sleep and before going to sleep Use skin coolers and moisturizers to get your desired skin as soon as possible.


Act on the doctor’s orders

It is better to abandon the use of cosmetics, especially skin soaps without a doctor’s prescription, which may not be suitable for your skin and make your skin worse, and instead follow the doctor’s instructions and use your cosmetics and hygiene products, especially soaps. Assign as prescribed by the doctor.


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Use of sunscreen creams

Due to its ultraviolet rays, sunlight destroys the elasticity of the skin and brings wrinkles, skin spots and the like, for this reason, the recommendation of all dermatologists is to use sunscreen creams with high SPF during the day. Note that to use sunscreen, it is better to consult your specialist doctor and avoid self-prescribing, because using a cream that does not suit your skin not only does not improve your skin, but also causes skin complications.


Eating foods containing polyphenols and beta-carotene

Polyphenol and betacarone are the best substances to eliminate skin inflammations and pimples and maintain skin health and create beautiful skin. Therefore, in your daily diet, include a lot of fruits and vegetables such as parsley and coriander, paprika, carrots, cabbage, seeds, etc., which contain polyphenols. Include phenol and betacarone to get clear and beautiful skin by using the antioxidants in them.


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Using silk pillows

On average, people put their skin on the pillow for 8 hours a day, so thick and inappropriate pillows can be harmful to the skin and cause inflammation, so in order to have beautiful skin, be sure to pay attention to your pillow top and try to use silk and Use gently so that your delicate and soft skin is not damaged.

Reduce stress

Stress gradually destroys the skin’s ability to repair itself and contributes to the aging process of the skin, so it is very important to do methods such as yoga and meditation to reduce stress.


final word

All the mentioned factors suggest a basic lifestyle that helps people to get their ideal skin, in fact, by applying the above principles, people bring a healthy life to themselves in addition to having beautiful and young skin. They live more cheerfully.

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