Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most important and popular services of every beauty clinic today. Kayak Beauty Clinic is also one of the laser hair removal centers in Tehran. At the Kayak Laser Beauty Center, laser treatments are performed on clients’ bodies by an experienced doctor using up-to-date devices and new world technologies.

Some people are not familiar with laser or have little knowledge. Here we have explained about the complications, benefits, application, etc. of laser hair removal. We have explained the facts and tried to have an effective disambiguation for the users of this site. So stay with us.

لیزر موهای زائد

What is laser hair removal?

If we want to briefly explain the laser to you, the laser is a light beam that has special physical characteristics and is full of energy. Laser has various applications, from medicine to various industries. Laser is used in medicine for various surgeries and in industry for laser engraving and cutting is a technological knowledge in the sense that laser can have different characteristics.

For example, laser hair removal is designed to remove unwanted hair without affecting other parts of the skin. There are different lasers for hair removal, including diode and alexandrite, which are among the most widely used lasers, and they differ in terms of application. For example, alexandrite is used for those who have fair skin.

Lasers differ in physical properties such as wavelength and frequency. Laser for hair removal affects the follicles. When you do laser, the laser heats the hair bulb and damages the follicles. The property of follicles is that they make body hair. When the hair follicle is damaged, hair growth stops. Laser hair removal causes permanent hair reduction, not permanent removal.

لیزر موی زائد

Application of laser hair removal:

Laser can be done anywhere on the body, but some parts of the body are lasered more. For example, bikinis and facial hair are more common for women, and armpit hair, waist hair and beard line are common for men. The time spent for lasering is less than an hour. The frequency of laser is between 6 and 8 sessions, with a time efficiency of 4 to 6 weeks.

Bikini laser hair removal:

The most concern of women is removing unwanted hair, which if they shave with a razor, they should do this once every 2-3 days. that there is a possibility of injury or allergy. If you remove your unwanted hair using vam or wax, sometimes you have to endure a lot of pain. Some people are embarrassed to be naked in front of their work app, so they don’t do it.

There is some pain when you do your bikini laser hair removal, but the pain is not unbearable. Few people use numbing cream when they have a laser. Absolutely laser has very limited risks and complications, when you do not use a skilled operator, you will get burns, skin discoloration and pimples.

Some people are asked whether laser causes infertility. While the laser only penetrates a few millimeters into the skin and does not damage the ovary at all, that’s why you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Laser facial hair removal:

We advise you not to laser the back of your eyelids because there is a risk of eye damage. You can remove the extra hair under your eyebrow using tweezers or hair band. Those who have ovarian laziness (polycystic ovary syndrome PCOC) have thick and abundant facial hair. Those who have PCOS problems get less answers than other people, but it can significantly help to reduce excess hair.

Underarm laser:

Underarm laser is one of the most popular laser areas. For armpits, it takes very little time and is painless, and after about 5 sessions, you will get 90-95% results. If the place you lasered becomes red or swollen, you can apply an ice compress to improve the swelling.

The amount of pain and side effects of laser for men:

Men have a higher pain threshold than women, that’s why they are less bothered by pain. The risks and side effects of laser are the same for men and women, there is no difference.

Tips about laser:

  1. Laser is not carcinogenic.
  2. It does not cause infertility.
  3. The laser does not damage the hymen.
  4. Laser does not cause varicose veins.

In general, you can use laser to remove your unwanted hair. Laser is more recommended because it has better results than other methods, and both men and women are satisfied with its results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions needed for laser hair removal varies depending on the type of device and the type of skin and hair, but it ranges from 4 to 8 sessions.

The cost of laser hair removal is completely different depending on the type of device and the desired area. If your chosen area is the whole body, you will get a special discount. At the same time, Kayak Beauty Clinic provides this type of service at the lowest price according to the economic conditions.

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