Mesogel is one of the newest methods of facial rejuvenation and dealing with skin wrinkles. Having an attractive and young face without any wrinkles is the dream of all of us. Therefore, as soon as we see the first small wrinkles around the eyes or lips, we are looking for a way to get rid of them.

At the Kayak Beauty Clinic, we provide mesogel services by a specialist doctor with the best quality and durability. In addition to rejuvenating the facial skin, Mesogel is also effective on skin spots and dark circles. If you don’t know much about this type of service, or if you don’t know how to use it, this article is for you. Stay with us.


What is mesogel?

Mesogel is one of the effective treatments for wrinkles and its other use is for the eye area. In meso gel, hyaluronic acid treatment method is used to solve skin problems, and hyaluronic acid is one of the main natural compounds of the skin. This substance makes the production of collagen and keeping it elastic has a useful role and improves the process of blood supply to the skin tissue.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, mesogel uses different minerals, vitamins, coenzymes, amino acids, and antioxidants, and they all have restorative properties. These compounds that are used moisturize the skin and prevent skin spots and signs of aging for a long time.

کاربردهای مزوژل

Applications of mesogel:

Its main use is to eliminate facial wrinkles, which mostly affect the areas around the eyes and lips. Mesogel is also used to remove deep smile and frown lines, and with this, it gives people a young and fresh face. Meso gel is recommended for people who have sagging skin and loose skin.

People who have a thin face can give some volume to different parts of their face. Similarly, it is effective for removing the blackness and darkness around the eyes and the depression under it, and its other use is to make the skin brighter and clearer. Mesogel is also used to hydrate the skin. You can use mesogel to eliminate neck lines, hand lines, wrinkles, protruding veins on the hands, skin cellulite, etc.

کاربرد مزوژل

Mesogel is prohibited for which people?

  1. People with diabetes
  2. People suffering from certain diseases
  3. People with heart, kidney, gallstone diseases
  4. Pregnant and lactating women

Care before mesogel

When you do mesogel, you should not only take care on the same day, the care before and after it has a great effect. Care is divided into three categories: before, after and during work. Before doing it, you should find a reliable center, so that you have good durability and satisfaction. Stop smoking and alcohol a week before the injection. Stop taking thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs two weeks before the injection. Consult your doctor when you have a specific disease or take a specific medication.

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Consultation request

Appointment reservation

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of injected substance is the most important factor in determining the cost and price of mesogel services. On the other hand, due to the fact that injectable gel is not produced inside the country and is imported, the price of this service changes. In addition to these cases, the severity of skin damage and wrinkles is also effective in determining the price. To determine the cost of mesogel, your face must be examined by a Kayak beauty clinic specialist to determine the exact cost.

The shelf life of mesogel is different from the brand of injectable gel used, the skin characteristics of the applicant, the type of damage, and the amount of wrinkles and darkening. But in most people, it will last between 6 and 9 months.

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